About Us

About East Coast Elite

East Coast Elite (ECE) will provide what young players need most of all, “training”. The foundation of our program will be built on sound fundamentals, improving lacrosse IQ and superior and innovative skills through proper coaching with exemplary leadership. Coaches will work to foster character, self-confidence, team chemistry, and an everlasting desire for self-improvement.

There were some very good elements to the Fighting Ducks and some aspects that had to change. We would like to offer our players:

  • A program founded on training, as we have our own indoor training facility where you will be given 20 Winter Training Sessions
  • The very best proven experienced coaches
  • Provide local tournaments with very limited travel
  • 1 Elite team per grade level
  • Tuition that includes showcases (Run with the Best)
  • Exclusive opportunities to some of the country’s largest events (Warrior All-America and NLF-National Lacrosse Federation events)
  • NEW Name, colors and identity
  • Apparel sponsored by Warrior/New Balance
  • Custom Cascade Helmet

ECE will strive to be one of the country’s premier lacrosse programs. Our goal is to provide our players with the complete lacrosse experience. We believe our vision will be second to none. We will offer competitive teams, professional coaching expertise, enhanced skill development, and unmatched training that will allow your children to compete at the highest level. Your child will develop and grow as a lacrosse player while being exposed to coaches who will instill values like teamwork, integrity, and hard work. We believe our job is to have a positive impact on your child’s life by creating a positive atmosphere that will allow your child grow as a lacrosse player and young adult.

East Coast Elite is looking for players who aspire to be a part of a premier team of guys that are passionate about lacrosse, desire to attend some of the top local youth and high school recruiting tournaments, have a strong desire to improve/develop their fundamental and team skills, believe in a team culture, and one day play at the next level!

“Don’t Train until you get it right…Train until you can’t get it wrong”


Christian Doller-Director
Doug Meehan-Coaches Coordinator