Day One Event



Sunday, Sept 17th

@ PAL Complex, Holtsville (Turf)

Our Day ONE event is held each year so every team in the program can have a 1hr inaugural practice. Players will receive a new “Day ONE” shirt and there will be merchandise to purchase. (shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, gloves, pinnies and shorts at a reduced rate) *CASH ONLY

Helmets with decals (XRS Pro) $280 cash

I am certain your coaches have informed you but here is the time and team breakdown below!

4pm-5pm–2034 & 2033

5pm-6pm–2035 & 2032

6pm-7pm–2031 & 2030

7pm-8pm–2029 & 2028


9pm-10pm–2026 & 2025 (Practice/Scrim)